About Us

Everybody loves a beautiful blossoming garden and a dense green lawn, whether you have a small backyard or a vast park landscape. Shaping nature in ways that please the eye and create a relaxing recreational environment is the desire of every homeowner, no matter the size and shape of his particular plot of land that he has available to make his gardening dreams come to life.
But doing this is easier said than done. Not everyone is gifted with a green thumb, and even those who are need the information and the equipment to make and shape all things green just the way they want.
What is the best way to mow your lawn and which equipment is best suited for your unique lawn care needs?
Which fertilizer should you use, and how and when should you apply it?
Which plants grow best on which terrain?
What is that certain pest that is plaguing my garden and how do I combat it?
How do you go about planning a garden from scratch, or how do you pick the best planners and contractors for the job?
Do I really need that expensive lawn mower, or are there cheaper and better alternatives?
Garden owners have these and a million more questions – and that`s where Lawn Paradise comes in to play. We are a resource site dedicated to everything about lawn care and gardening.
From general advice articles to tips and tricks for special problems to reviews of the best gardening equipment and lawn mowers – we strive to offer you a gardening all-around resource site where we share our knowledge and experience with all homeowners and garden-lovers.
Get yourself the information before you spend money and labor on things that don`t work well or equipment that you don`t really need – get it from us at Lawn Paradise, from gardening and lawn care enthusiasts for other enthusiasts.